Водохладитель с колесом 200 л, Kolb

07.08.2015 13:43

Water Cooler
As all baking equipment has to work at high room temperatures, especially during the summer, control dough temperature becomes crucial. The Kolb Water Cooler and Water Mixer together provide you an easy solution to produce continuously cool water with the desired temperature and volume.

  • Water tank is made of high quality PU for better energy savings and insulation results
  • Built-in tank agitator to prevent ice occurring, ensuring a more even water temperature
  • Imported food grade booster pump to effectively prevent water contamination
  • SS304 stainless steel housing, corrosion and rust-proof, for longer usable life
  • Uses only environmentally friendly cooling agents
  • Different sizes for your choice: 50L(mounted)/100L/200L/300L(Floor stand)
  • Kolb water Cooler 50L
    can be directly mounted on the wall to save space,with the option of a built-in water meter. It is ideal for hotels, bakeries, restaurants and where ever space is a premium. Features include:

  • Mountable to the wall, with much more space efficiency- ideal where space is limited
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 4*C to 25*C
  • Water supply is up to 150L/hour
  • Energy efficiency reaches 3.2 on the National Standard, more energy saving than major counterparts
  • Optional built-in water meter for even more convenience and cost saving
  • Kolb Water Cooler Floor Stand
    is designed for larger hotels, bakeries, and foods factories where bulk production is needed. Features include:

  • Water temperature ranges from 4*C to 18*C
  • Condensing unit is mounted in the lower part of the water cooler
  • Easy to move around with rollers
  • Different sizes for your choice 100L/200L/300L
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