Chocolate Warmer

07.08.2015 12:02

Chocolate Warmer
When working with real chocolate, the right temperature is key. The Kolb Chocolate warmer ensures an accurate and stable temperature, so that chocolate melts under best conditions.
Chocolate Warmer

  • Built of SS304 stainless steel, to last a lifetime
  • Uses a special heating system to minimize temperature fluctuations during the heating process
  • Imported temperature control for better accuracy and low maintenance costs
  • 15mm insulation for stable temperature and high efficiency
  • Technical Data Chocolate Warmer
    Model Nr. GC-2238-1T/GC-2238
    Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 390x630x350
    Chocolate Capacity 1x20L/2x9L
    Voltage (V) 230V/1ph/PE/50Hz
    Weight (kg) 35
    Current(A) 1.4
    Power(kW) 0.31