Kolb Water Meter & Mixer

06.08.2015 14:02

Uses a PCP control for more accurate volume and temperature control, which can reduce the baker’s workload and working time.

Kolb offers two models: the Water Meter only, or the Water Meter and Mixer combined, for your choice. To summarize:

  • The Water Meter is designed to control the volume of water
  • The Water Meter & Mixer, which connects to both cold and warm water supplies, is designed to make it simple to control the volume and the temperature of the water required
  • Technical Data Water Meter & Mixer Water Meter
    Model Nr. GC-1085 GC-1027
    Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 310x170x360 228x145x330
    Water pipe conncetion dia.3/4inch 1/2inch
    Pressure of Water 0.5-7bar 0.5-7bar
    Water adjust 0.1-99.9L 0.1-99.9L
    Temperature range 1°C to 60°C N/A
    Voltage (V) 230V/1ph/PE/50Hz 230B/1ph/PE/50~60Hz
    Power(kW) 0.2 0.2
    Weight (kg) 10 10