Deep Fryer

20.08.2015 16:13

has been jointly developed with the leading American equipment manufacturer, Giles. It features easy operation quick temperature recovery. It is designed for utmost convenience and cost saving. We offer two models: a deep volume fryer and a double basket fryer, for your choice.
Deep Fryer

  • The Automatic Basket lift makes it easy to lower the food down in the oil
  • Automatic oil filtration system helps to significantly extend the lifetime of the oil
  • Thermostat to prevent oil overheating
  • Constructed of stainless steel, equipped with casters for convenient mobility
  • Large productivity, 24 pounds/72 pcs of chicken per cycle, also suitable for making other foods
  • Technical Data Deep Fryer
    Model Nr. Gc-1081
    Dimensions when opened (WxDxH)(mm) 660x1030x1100
    Voltage (V) 400V/3ph/PE/50~60Hz
    Weight(kg) 200
    Current(A) 29
    Power(kW) 20