Bake-off Combinations

18.08.2015 19:35

In-Store baking is the trend for modern bakeries however, given increasing shop rental costs, it is not always easy to balance the space for equipment and the selling area. Even more difficult is how to make the equipment a part an image upgrade. Thanks to their modular design and easy configuration with other equipment, Kolb products can be easily customized to create a combination bake-off station for your open-kitchen concept-taking into consideration your product mix, space and productivity requirements.

Technical Data Bake-OFF Combination Ovens
Model Nr. GC-1131P GC-2140
Consist of: 1xAtoll 800
1x Laguna 600×400
1x proofer
1x Atoll 800
1x Pizza
1x Laguna 600x 400
Outside Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 962x1375x2187 985x1375x2187
Total Tray Capacity 4 trays (Atoll 800)
1 tray( Deck Oven)
4 trays(Atoll 800)
1 tray (Deck Oven)
Voltage(V) 400V/3ph/PE/50~60Hz 400V/3ph/PE/50~60Hz
Approx. Weight with steam & stone 305 339
Current(A) 27 28.9
Power(kW) 14.8 16.8

  • Please Contact us for more combinations to meet your specific needs.