Comfort Hot Plate- On Counter

16.08.2015 15:55

CP Hot Plate- On Counter
Hot Plate
Temperature variable from +20° to +140° C

Hot unit to keep heated food
Temperature adjustable
from +20° to +140° C

The Hot Plate has an aluminium plate toughened by electrolysis
and is heated by a heater bonded to the underneath of the plate by

Engineering / MEP Ratings:
All electrical components are CE
approved. Model rated at 850/1520/2340 watts, 240 volts

For cleaning and care:
Do not use any acidic cleaners!


  • 1 m controller cable
  • 2 m power supply
  • The staff is trained and familiar with the
    operation and safety requirements, prior to usage.

    The On Counter CP Version is available in the following colours and sizes:

  • GN 1/1 – 340x540x60 mm
  • GN 2/1 – 670x540x60 mm
  • GN 3/1 – 1000x540x60 mm
  • BN: 410×610 mm
  • Available in black or white or CNS