Atollspeed 400T

05.08.2015 15:41

Atollspeed 400T
is designed for larger operations, with a bigger baking chamber and stronger microwave than the Atollspeed 300T. Suitable for restaurants, larger coffee shops and hotels.
Features include:

  • -Double microwave power for even faster baking speed
  • -Internal catalytic converter, good for both indoor and catering events
  • -Larger chamber size for a 14″pizza
  • Technical Data Atollspeed 400T
    Model Nr. GC-3072
    Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 700x730x445
    Baking chamber Dimensions
    Voltage (V) 380-400V/3ph/
    Weight(kg) 94
    Current (A) 16
    Power(kw) 4.9