Atollspeed 300T

05.08.2015 16:48

Atollspeed 300T
Atollspeed is designed for busy settings where spaces is it a premium, such as coffe shops, convenience stores, snack bars, bakeries and speciality shops. It only requires a household power supply, meaning it can be used almost anywhere.
Features include:

  • -Requires only 230V/1ph/50Hz, 15A, just plug in and use
  • -50% energy savings compared to major counterparts
  • -Compact design, suitable to work on a standard 600 mm working table
  • -Internal catalytic converter, good for both indoor and outdoor events
  • -Large chamber for a 12″pizza
  • Technical Data Atollspeed 300T
    Model Nr. GC-3070
    Dimensions(WxDxH)(mm) 570x700x435
    Baking chamber Dimensions
    Voltage (V) 220-230V/1ph/PE/50Hz
    Weight(kg) 69
    Current (A) 15
    Power(kw) 3.3