JUNIOR 20- Tabletop Convejor Glazer

13.08.2015 12:53

JUNIOR 20-Tabletop Convejor Glazer
A practical appliance for small to medium-sized bakery businesses or as additional equipment for your confectionery department. A genuine eye-catcher for show-baking as well! For coating or glazing fresh and frosted cookies, doughnuts, puff pastries, palmiers or almond rings in a partial, full or threaded glaze using standard icing or coatings. The average tested output in a one-man operation is 15 units per minute. That equates to a whole rack of 300 pastries in around 25 minutes. With two people working together, three times the throughput can be achieved if the Drop-cakes /Cookies are already ‘rotated’.
Technically equipped like the ‘really big machines’ / machines costing 10 times as much.


  • 20-litre exchangeable glaze container heated in the water tank.
  • Temperature adjustable from 30-70°C, with level indicator and water outlet.
  • Electronic controls, separated for veil flow and conveyor belt speed.
  • Double individual skimmers on each of the conveyor’s round belts.
  • Quick cleaning by removal of the complete belt/ pump unit.
  • In-line arrangement of 2 units for full glazes plus thread pattern suitable (two colors).
  • Almost all glazing jobs are possible in the smallest space.
  • Each employee produces the same quality.
  • Size(HxDxW)(cm) 50x35x80
    Weight 35kg
    Electrical Connection 230V/1ph/PE/50Hz, 1.5kW