Cooling Belt

14.08.2015 12:58

With the new A-K-S cooling belt, the link between automatic conveyor belt deep fryers and glazing
machines has finally been found. Inspired by the waiting area in front of luggage inspection points at airports, NBS has implemented this idea into a productive solution for cooling down freshly-prepared pastries to temperatures that allow for glazing.
Combined with an effective ventilation system on an approx. 12 m long cooling path, up to 3000 jelly donuts can be gently cooled or sent to the glazing machine without any manual handling. Due to the stage less regulation of the rotating grid belt as well as the direction inverters spaced throughout it, the remaining heat as well as the distance between the pastries can be easily adjusted. The pastries are taken up in up to 8 rows from the deep fryer, and at the end of the up to 5-minute cooling path, are led into the glazing machine in the same order.
Quality benefits in detail

  • Gentle cooling without handling/deformation
  • Compact design: only 2 m² of space needed for a 12 m path
  • Glazing with constant remaining temperature guarantees good hardening without dripping
  • Transferring to baking sheets unnecessary
  • Can be combined with all covering techniques