Black & White High Speed Glazing Machine

14.08.2015 12:10

Black & White High Speed Glazing Machine
Even the most unusual ideas and requests are turned into reality here at NBS in Germany as well as alongside with our customers. In accordance to the latest baking trends we have developed and registered the first Black & White Machine especially for the American market. In addition to the half white / half black glazing, the machine offers an impressive array of features: thread glazing, cross or spiral decorations in various colours, on every base coating, in one passage. We produce 40 – 50 pieces/min both large and small from 2 ½ to 5 ” diameter. Feed machine manually or “inline”. The highest priority when designing the professional Black and White was rational glazing and material savings for hand and two layer coating. Depending on the coating colour and cake dimensions, a layer of 0,04 ” – 0,06 ” of glazing is sufficient, which leads to 50 – 75% savings of coating material. All product driven parts are easy to remove via Quick out mechanism as well as dishwasher capable.
HACCP regarding german manufacturing standards.
Perfomance example:

  • 40 – 50 Black & White cookies per minute