Deck Oven Laguna

07.08.2015 14:32

Deck Oven Laguna
is the most recognized professional baking oven in Kolb’s product portfolio, featuring high energy efficiency, smart design, strong build, and reliability. The laguna is a key component of Kolb’s in-store bakery concept, which is ideal for all kinds of bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, trading centres, and food factories.
Smart Design for your utmost convenience

  • Modular design, a key component for Kolb in-store bakery solution
  • Offers different deck heights, baking chamber sizes and other options for you choice
  • The newly designed easy-to-turn device for even easier glass cleaning
  • GC-1019

    Highly Efficient, Low Running Costs

  • Made with components only from leading international suppliers, for greater product stability
  • Smart heating system design for optimal temperature evenness- no need to rotate trays
  • Outstanding insulation, 25% energy saving compared to major counterparts
  • European Design and Quality

  • Independent steam heating system for all kinds of European baking
  • Heat protect large glass door for easy observation and cleaning
  • 1,5mm SS304 stainless steel housing, built to last a lifetime
  • Laguna is upgraded 2015 to offer you with more convenience and higher efficiency:

  • Optional 7’capacitative touch screen PCP, working with picture, a single touch will do, even an unexperienced staff can be baker
  • New steam control function to ensure consistent steam power despite of the water pressure fluctuation, adjustable steam power (any available with touch screen PCP)
  • “Easy-to-turn” device to clean the inner side of the glass door without the trouble of disassembly the glass, cleaning becomes much easier