07.08.2015 14:08

Dough Sheeter
is a reversible sheeter, designed to cope with the Baking Industry Sanction Standards, suitable for sheeting and stretching puff pastry, Danish bread, donut dough, croissant dough, pie dough, cookie dough, strudel,marzipan and pizza dough.
We offer a floor stand model and a table top model for your choice.
Dough Sheeter

  • Additional safety tenons on the safety guards for best production
  • High-strength fiber conveyor belt, oil-proof and complies with high hygiene standards
  • Suitable for making pizzas, pies, pastries, tarts and cookies
  • Manual adjustment of sheeting thickness, from 1.2mm-38mm
  • Manual lever control of the dual directional conveyor belt
  • Additional food-pad direction switcher for good control of the conveyer belt (not included in the table-top model)
  • Available in floor stand or table top model