Swiss Quality at Unbeatable Price” is the long-term commitment, as well the mission.

Kolb Ovens

Kolb Ovens The Kolb Ovens includes:

  • Atoll Convection Oven
  • Deck Oven
  • Bake-Off Combinations
  • Pizza Oven
  • Rotary Oven
  • Retarder Proofer/Proofer

    Kolb ProoferA proofer can efficiently accelerate the fermentation process of dough, while a retarder proofer can delay this process. The Kolb Retarder Proofer and Proofer offer accurate and stable humidity and temperature control, hence optimizing the dough quality, while also being highly energy efficient.

    Water Cooler/Water Meter & Mixer

    Water Cooler: Water Meter & MixerAs most bakeries have high room temperature, especially during summer, controlling dough temperature becomes crucial. The Kolb Water Cooler and Water Mixer together offer an easy solution to supply continuous cool water with temperature and volume required.


    Kolb MixerFeaturing stable performance and strongly built, Kolb mixing equipment helps you in the first step to making the perfect bread or pastry. We offer a full range of kneading machines specially for bread dough, and a planetary mixer for other food ingredients.

    Bakery Processing Equipment

    Bakery Processing EquipmentAiming to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, Kolb offers a range of bakery processing equipment including the Dough Divider, Bun Divider and Rounder, and the Long Moulder. There are ideal for large bakeries, supermarkets and hotels. They feature smart design and a robust build.

    Other Baking Equipment

    Other Equipment from KolbAs an important part of the one-stop shop service provided by Kolb, we also offer other easy-to-operate bakery equipment to optimize your working efficiency and product quality.


    Kolb FryerThe Kolb Fryer is the joint-effort between Kolb and leading international manufactures, it is aimed to offering utmost convenience and work efficiency to customers.

    Cleaning System

    The Kolb cleaning system including Utensil Washer and Tray Cleaner, is the joint-effort between Kolb and the leading manufacturer Jeros. With Jero’s 40 years of expertise and the Kolb design concept, we offer cleaning systems with high stability and efficiency, at very affordable prices.