Kolb Proofer

Retarder Proofer/Proofer
A proofer can efficiently accelerate the fermentation process of dough, while a retarder proofer can delay this process. The Kolb Retarder Proofer and Proofer offer accurate and stable humidity and temperature control, hence optimizing the dough quality, while also being highly energy efficient.

Retarder Proofer

GC-1109Retarder Proofer accurately controls humidity and temperature to accelerate or delay the proofing process of dough so that proofed dough can be ready at any time required. Key features of the Kolb Retarder Proofer are high energy efficiency, using only CFC refrigerants. We offer both reach-in and roll-in models.


GC-1023Proofer is able to accelerate fermentation process of dough with pre-set temperature an humidity. Kolb offers two types of proofer, reach-in model and roll-in model.