Kolb Cleaning System

The Kolb cleaning system including Utensil Washer and Tray Cleaner, is the joint-effort between Kolb and the leading manufacturer Jeros. With Jero’s 40 years of expertise and the Kolb design concept, we offer cleaning systems with high stability and efficiency, at very affordable prices.

Tray Cleaner

GC-1031Tray Cleaner can reduce time-consuming and manual cleaning and scraping of trays. The cleaning job is done by powerful brushes which can be cleaned easily in the Kolb Utensil Washer . Equipped with automatic oil greasing unit which can apply oil automatically to the tray while passing through the machine. High work efficiency, 100 trays can be cleaned and greased within 6-8 mins, and stacked trays take much less space to store.

Utensil Washer

Utensil Washer is a unique washing system for washing, cleaning and drying a high variety of baking utensil to reach maximum hygiene security while offering utmost efficiency. Ideal for hotel, large bakeries, supermarket, confectionary and restaurant.