Bakery Processing Equipment

Aiming to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, Kolb offers a range of bakery processing equipment including the Dough Divider, Bun Divider and Rounder, and the Long Moulder. There are ideal for large bakeries, supermarkets and hotels. They feature smart design and a robust build.

Dough Divider

GC-1038Dough Divider is designed to press and divide the dough evenly into small pieces. It can efficiently help improve work efficiency and is easy to operate.

Bun Divider

GC-1036Bun divider is designed to divide and round dough automatically and equally, which can highly improve the working efficiency and reduce labor costs. Different models for your selction.

Long Moulder

GC-2035This presses, rolls and moulds dough into required diameters and lengths. It is ideal for moulding loaves, baguettes, and other kind of bread.

Dough Sheeter

GC-1073-1Dough Sheeter is a reversible sheeter, designed to cope with the Baking Industry Sanction Standards, suitable for sheeting and stretching puff pastry, Danish bread, donut dough, strudel, marzipan and pizza dough.