Atollspeed Oven

is the most recent innovation from Kolb. Thanks to the perfect marriage of impingement and microwave technology, you can serve customers 5 times faster with warm and crispy food just in seconds! Atollspeed offers different models for your choice.


Atollspeed 300T


Atollspeed 300T is designed for busy settings where space is at a premium, such as coffee shops, convenience stores, snack bars, bakeries and specialty shops.It only requires a household power supply, meaning it can be used almost anywhere.

Atollspeed 400T

Atollspeed 400TAtollspeed 400T is designed for larger operations, with a bigger baking chamber and stronger microwave power. Suitable for restaurants, larger coffee shops and hotels.

Atollspeed Convection Oven

Atollspeed Convection Oven GC-3080TAtollspeed Convection Oven is a speed oven which can really bake dough from raw. It features a speed baking function like the other Atollspeed models, to get a nice crispiness and golden color in very short period of time. It is designed for coffee shops and restaurants.

Kolb speed Solution

Kolb Speed Solution GC-3075The unique solution designed for coffee chains and where space is at a premium. With space no more than 60cm2, you are able to expand your menu easily.